Join our Fight!

Construction and domestic workers are from marginalised sections of the society. Make a difference to their world, by understanding the real issues they face. Let us resolve to give them basic worker rights and a secure future for their children.

You can make a huge difference for people who work for you. Join us and be involved in their well-being as an intern or a volunteer. If you wish to transform your life goals and make an impact in the unequal world that we live in, you can even join our fellowship programme.

Intern with Us  If you are student in the university, you may consider to intern with us. During this period, you shall be given a topic to conduct an independent study and prepare a report. You shall be mentored by members of the NIRMANA team and shall be supported for your study all through.Besides fulfilling your mandatory academic requirements, you shall be able to gain practical knowledge related to urban poverty reduction pertaining to construction and domestic workers in Delhi.

Be a Volunteer   Volunteers are invited to take part in various programmes of NIRMANA. Currently, volunteers can join our "Skill Development and Livelihood" programme at Delhi and Jharkhand (Gumla) and "Public Education" programme at Delhi.

Be a NIRMANA Fellow  There is need for young leaders to understand all facets and issues faced by unorganised labour in order to project these accurately and dispassionately to public policy makers, government officials, lawmakers, academicians, peoples organisation and other stake-holders. NIRMANA fellowship programme focussed on the unorganised labour will fill this void. With this immersive experience, change the way people view their world. (Click to Apply)