A Premiere National NGO for Development & Advocacy

The NIRMANA SOCIETY was started in 1988 to provide logistic support to the National Campaign Committee – Construction Labour (NCC-CL) which has been campaigning for a comprehensive Central Legislation since 1985 to provide social security and labour welfare to construction workers who now comprise a workforce of over 30 million out of 370 million unorganized sector workers.

During the initial period, NIRMANA supported campaign activities, awareness generation amongst construction workers, certain welfare activities like child care, education, civic amenities, health-care services, free legal aid etc. in several slums of North-West Delhi through local donations and collaboration with NGOs such as Legal Aid and Advice Center and others. It also supported the organization of six Housing and Multi-purpose Co-operative Societies under “Punarvas Scheme” (Re-settlement) of Slum Division of Municipal Corporation of Delhi (then under Delhi Development Authority).

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